Our Story

Sweet Madness® Candies, LLC was incorporated in Spring 2005. We are a novelty Candy Company that focuses on a way for our customers to express their feelings and enjoy the pleasure of candy at the same time.

The candy plates, manufactured in our kitchen, are handmade and come in crystal clear cellophane bags. The bows for the “Plate to Break” candy plates are burgundy with gold trim. The “Wedding Plate to Break” comes with a unique white bow with silver trim.

We know that you may be mad or celebrating, but please do not throw the plate at any person, animal or object that would sustain injury or damage. This is an adult product to be used with common sense. Do not break the plate without its protective covering. Stand back and break the plate on the floor. After the plate is broken, enjoy the candy inside!

Many years ago, Judy Cerano had fantasies of throwing one of her nice china plates, because she was mad about an event in her life.  That fantasy, many years later, turned into a business for her, her husband Elmer, and her daughter Jennifer Pricco.

Judy and Jennifer created the Sweet Madness® Candies Plate to Break® in Judy’s kitchen in the fall of 2004.  We started manufacturing in plates made out of candy, on February 28, 2006.

In 2007, we added the Wedding Plate to Break for wedding receptions and showers.  And, the Let’s Cerebrate! plate was added to help celebrate holidays, birthdays, graduations, etc.

Judy and her husband live in Dimondale, MI.

Jennifer and her family live in Okemos, MI.